Our Wheel Coloring Services create a customized unique look to your vehicle. We offer many choices for wheel coloring with powder coat or wet paint.  We can color any type of wheel, including motorcycles.

Wheel Powder Coating and Wet Paint

Nice Wheels Inc offers you options for Wheel Coloring. We can custom color most car wheels from any manufacturer but can also custom color motorcycle wheels, utility vehicle wheels or pretty much anything with wheels. Use your imagination.

The first choice is wheel panting (wet paint) and it is a lower cost for coloring and protecting your wheels. The second option is powder coating the wheel. Powder coating the wheel does more than just color the wheel, it creates an additional layer of protection, or shield. Powder coating can create a more durable finish than just painting. 

Whether panting or powder coating Nice Wheels Inc takes various steps to provide the best finish possible. Starting with pre-treatment when the wheel rim is cleaned off of dirt, debris and any rust. If powder coating, the wheel’s cleaned surface is sprayed with color and resin particles that positively charge the wheel. Because of the charge on the wheel, the color sticks to every part of the wheel and rim surface without running, or distributing unevenly in any way. This means a stronger coat than painting and more protection for the wheel.

The color coating is then set by exposure to high temperatures in order to properly cure and the powder melts over the surface of the wheel or rim and creates a strong coat of paint and protection to the wheel. 

Any type of wet painting or powder coating can extend the life of your wheels by offering added protection to the elements and defending wheels from corrosion.


At Nice Wheels, our attentive staff is available Monday through Friday to answer all of your questions and make every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied. We offer wheel pick up drop off service. Call or email for more info.

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