Wheel Straightening Services can fix damage done by potholes, curbs, and other road hazards and debris that can cause bends to the inner and/or outer lip of your wheel. Often, bent wheels can be safely straightened with our wheel straightening service.


Have an Extended Wheel Warranty?

We work with extended wheel warranty companies from start to finish. We get the approval, do the work and get the wheel ready for you efficiently.

Wheel Straightening

Our technicians straighten bent wheels to repair all cosmetic and structural wheel damage. We have fixed hundreds of damaged wheels and rims in Boston, Metrowest and Worcester County area. Wheels and Rims can be damaged or bent and sometimes this damage isn't noticeable. Over time this can cause other issues on your vehicle and tires. It's important to get these fixed and checked. If you suspect your wheel could be damaged give us a call so we can analyze and repair it. 

The first tells are that your wheel is leaking slowly and even starting to become deformed. Also, your vehicle will start to vibrate especially while going at a high velocity. 

The tire must be removed from the wheel. Next, the wheel is attached to our state of art equipment that will show exactly where the wheel is bent. After the wheel has been properly gauged and marked we can begin the straightened out process. We start by taking out larger bends. With the wheel secured in our machine, heat is applied to the bent area of the wheel. The heat temperature varies and is sometimes 250 – 350 degrees or higher. Once the wheel is hot enough the bend is literally massaged out by our expert technicians. This is where it's critical to have our expertise, experience and training, just because the Wheel "looks" round it doesn't mean it is. We have to take new measurements and gauge properly again to ensure the safety of our clients and quality of our work. 

Once all the major bends have been taken out, the wheel is connected to the second straightening machine with an incredible motor that rolls the wheel over a system to shape the wheel which will in fact re-shape the wheel. This process gets out the slightest bends in the wheel or rim. The wheel then will need to be properly balanced. The last straightening-machine takes care of lateral bends in the wheel (when needed).

This combination of straightening-machines, man power, experience, expertise and training is what enables us to straighten most wheels that come into our shop.



At Nice Wheels, our attentive staff is available Monday through Friday to answer all of your questions and make every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied. We offer wheel pick up drop off service. Call or email for more info.

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